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VIDEO: Mila Lynn, Moneyball Sportswear collab on new 'Splattered Hoodies'

The renown artist teamed up with the popular athletic clothing brand to drop their new custom hoodie collection

LANSING - Mila Lynn is starting off 2022 just as she ended 2021, with another showcasing of her creative ability. Mind of Mila, Milas art brand, took over Lansing’s Meridian Mall Saturday evening. The aura of this event was quite different than her last art showcase (Inktober) as there was true exclusivity to the outing. The showcase consisted of a first of its kind collaboration with Moneyball Sportswear. Milas creative mind and artistic ability graced 12 of Moneyballs best selling hoodies and were put on display for the community to observe as well as purchase the limited edition hoodies. City folk and other artists from the community were in attendance supporting the event as Lansing’s art and fashion scene continues to grow as a staple within the culture of Lansing. Desmond Ferguson, retired pro basketball player and owner of Moneyball Sportswear, was in attendance as well. Ferguson is also celebrating the 20th year of the brand.

How did the idea come about? Why the collab? Why the need for exclusivity? Next Up caught up with the star artist at the hoodie release and asked those questions:

As you heard, the door is open to future collabs between Lansing's favorite artist and Lansing's favorite athletic apparel brand.



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