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A Queen In The 'Flesh': Kamryn Whitfield Is About To Be Crowned

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The creator of Color Square Vintage, a streetwear clothing brand, is about to raise 'brows with Season 2 of her clothing line.

EAST LANSING - This past Saturday was a brisk one for those canvassing Michigan State's campus streets. Football was a the clear topic of discussion as the hometown Spartans slid past the visiting Indiana Hoosiers to remain unbeaten on their championship quest. In the thick of the green and white craze was the Fashion Fiber Festival, a huge pop-up shop that blocked off a road in one of MSU's hottest districts. Wool and streetwear were the focuses of the event, and the vendors were creative and diverse in their product or service offerings.

Among the traffic, I was able to pinpoint Kamryn Whitfield, the young African-American woman that grew 60 seconds away in Lansing, MI; a proud graduate of Waverly High School. Unsurprisingly, others had seem to pinpoint Kamryn as well. Customers browsed through the racks and tables of her Color Square Vintage merchandise, and discussed remote shopping options with Kamryn directly. I, along with the patrons of her pop-up stand, were there to see the early creations of a surefire star designer. Season 1 of her streetwear brand was on full display: hoodies, tops, and tote bags in subtly bold pastels. All with Kamryn's signature graphics and unique touches turning what was once just raw material in pastel artworks that double as fresh clothing. Her website leads more credence to her Season 1 of pastels; on the about page for Color Square Vintage it reads Kamryn "is excited to share a unique shade of streetwear," with the "collective" as she put it.

Her journey to bring unique shades to streetwear has literally only begun. Season 1 in pastel was beautiful and completely refreshing to the clothing scene of Mid-Michigan. I have reason to believe Season 2 will be equally as refreshing, with twice the impact. No, it isn't just because we received exclusive looks into these new shades and styles (we'll share one below maybe), but because the messaging behind Season 2 is loud and proud.

Kamryn is extremely proud of being black. As a creative in fashion design, she's become well-aware of the stereotypes that can be associated with darker skin tones in the fashion world. Well, Kamryn and Color Square Vintage decided Season 2 will be based around the under-appreciated dark skin tone - a valiant move for a young mind in the industry. What's impressive, is the message is loud but the product is louder. As you will hear below, season 2 is called "Flesh" and that's an ode to its creative foundation in dark skin tones. The combination of shades, graphics, style, and personal touch, makes a devastatingly beautiful aesthetic that many are begging to walk in.

To be frank, Kamryn Whitfied is about to rock Mid-Michigan hard with a new style, and in new shades that will heat the Fall/Winter up. Check out Kamryn at saturdays Fiber Fashion Festival, and be sure to listen to the artists discuss Season 1 and 2 of her streetwear brand Color Square Vintage:

Season 2 sneak peek: The totes. The shirts. The aesthetic. ✨



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