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Creativity & Art Meets Fashion at 'Picasso Place'

There’s a new wave of creativity and uniqueness when it comes to fashion, and it’s brewing right in Flint. Vibrant colors and designs are laced over what where once plain tees, hoodies, and jackets. ‘Picasso Place’ plays a big hand in responsibility for this wave, turning customers visionary ideas and thoughts into tangible creative works of art. At ‘Picasso Place’ no designs are the same, each designs is custom and significant to the customers name, brand, or whatever it is they chose to display, making each product a true ‘one of one.’ There’s no limitation on the skill set of Picasso Place as his distinct look and designs has landed him networking and collaboration opportunities with well known establishments, public figures, rappers, and much more. These collabs include making designs for Bri’s Busy Bees Child Care, logos for Rich In Poverty, custom clothing for YN Jay, and many others, shaping and moving the culture of fashion forward in Flint.

The services at Picasso Place goes beyond custom clothing as he also excels in graphic design, so if you’re looking to get a logo or emblem made, Picasso Place is the guy to check out. Questions and inquiries can be sent to his business and personal pages here at: Picasso Place or Pāblo Picasso. You can also check out some of his special inventory at

Will you be getting a custom Picasso piece?



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