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'Funny Is Funny Comedy Club' Ready For September Opening

The New Lansing Comedy Club Tabs Tony Roberts As Its Grand Opening Act

Looking for Laughs? The history-making Greenwood District Studios has announced that the Funny Is Funny Comedy Club will have its grand opening September 24th! You read that right, the first black-owned and operated production studio in Michigan is now bringing an A-room laugh house to Lansing. For those not familiar with the term, A-room refers to the pedigree of those able to headline at the comedy club; A's are reserved for nationally touring acts.

Amaru Lewis, owner-operator of Greenwood District Studios, and a professional comic himself, has been hard at work this summer in preparation for the big announcement. Hosting a serious comedy club is no laughing matter, and Mr. Lewis is planning to make Lansing a regular stop for top acts. The grand opening is fast approaching and the Funny Is Funny Comedy Club will be headlined on opening night by none other than Tony Roberts. The national comedian has done everything from acting to writing for movies and television and is world-renowned for his belly-aching stand up comedy. The California-based comedian has toured the globe and will be in Lansing to swing open the doors to Amaru Lewis' new joint.

So, when and where can you be apart of opening night and the Funny Is Funny Comedy Club schedule? will keep you informed; make sure you use the menu to navigate to the comedy club page. The club itself is located at Greenwood District Studios state-of-the-art facility. Amaru Lewis and Greenwood District Studios can be reached and read about on their Facebook and Instagram pages, by their respective names.


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