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Greenwood District Studios

Have you heard about the new state-of-the-art movie studio in Lansing?

We’ll let Greenwood District Studios give you the scoop on what they’re about:

“Michigan's first black owned movie studio. Our content will focus on under-represented stories from under represented communities. A portion of the studio proceeds will go right back into various under served Lansing communities”

We want to restate some facts here. The first black owned movie studio in Michigan; focused on stories of under-representation; a portion of proceeds are shared with the very communities they’ll highlight. That is a mouthful of greatness that ought to be recognized!

This is a culture shift in Michigan and a true stake in the ground for media around the Great Lake State. Greenwood District Studios is a state-of-the-art facility producing industry quality work; that in turn brings a platform that can tell the true stories of communities that otherwise wouldn’t have it, as well as give a chance to local people.

So who’s the owner of the groundbreaking studio? His name is Amaru Lewis, a man I was fortunate enough to meet in August of 2020. A hot, sunny day on Lansing’s southside; enjoying the ever-buzzing pop up shops hosted by the famous Beany. It was then that Mr. Lewis handed me copies of his already produced works and explained his plan to open a production company. Needless to say he has executed on it!

Greenwood District Studios is located at 921 Mall Dr. Lansing, MI 48917. You can head to their facebook page here

In addition, you can learn more about the Award-winning and nationwide touring owner of Greenwood Studios, Amaru Lewis, here



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