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5 Things We're Missing due to COVID-19

The Corona Virus pandemic has ruined Spring and early summer plans for many of us. Here are some notable things the virus has affected.

The Corona virus has kept us in the house and away from a lot of activities that the spring and summer seasons bring. It's a trash situation because, as I am about to show you, spring and summer are important to our country (and the life of the party!). Read on, for 5 things COVID-19 has either forced closed, or postponed.

1. The excitement of the bar scene

If you know, then you know. Around March and April, the nightlife scene begins to liven up with the weather. By May and June, party scenes around the country are going nuts! Music is everywhere (i'll elaborate more on this later), ladies are wearing their bare minimum, and fellas are about ready to risk it all. Winter-time grind turns into summer-time shine, and everything is up. From Orlando to Detroit, Chicago to NYC, I've seen a lot of places go crazy this time of year. F#%$ COVID-19!!

2. The finale of basketball season

Are. You. Joking?!? LeBron, in Year 17, was leading the NBA in assist, and guiding the Lakers to #1! Greek Freak was KILLING people on the courts and the Bucks were looking like a team worthy of a NBA championship. Not to mention all of the new duos around the league. We were knocking on the door of the playoffs, and Corona virus ended it all!

Then you shift focus to the big one. The Big Dance. NCAA March Madness!!! The #1 sporting event not naming the Superbowl. We were robbed of seeing Tom Izzo and MSU make a run, Gonzaga and San Diego State ready to surprise, and a lucky Cinderella ready to upset the whole thing. No bracket contest at work or even jerseys at school. Trash!

3. Presidential Race Primaries

Now, while former Vice President Joe Biden is set to be crowned the Democratic nominee to battle (President..) Donald Trump in November, the effect this virus has had on cancelled and postponed primary votes, is BIG. Although it isn't relevant, Joe Biden could've used this time to campaign throughout the country and get his message to us. Instead, he's grounded and restrained to only the internet. A victory for the guy in the White House.

4. Start of Concert and Festival season

When you think of warm weather, you think music, trips, and good times. Concert and festival season combine all 3 for the ultimate warm-season event. Let's just take a look at some of the big ones that have been cancelled or postponed:

-Rolling Loud

-South By Southwest (SXSW)



-Tribeca Film Festival

-And countless music tours

5. Conferences and Conventions

For us nerds and geeks, conventions and conferences are a source of information into our digital, automotive, and entertainment futures. They allow us to interact with top brands and products, all whilst letting our inner fandom out! Just like concert and festival season, just look at the major conferences and conventions being affected by COVID-19:

-WonderCon 2020 (Comic Con International Convention)

-Mobile World Congress

-Games Developer Conference

-E3 Gaming Convention

-Geneva International Auto Show



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