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The Music Industry Is Looking Right at Lansing

With multiple 517 artist recently landing paperwork, the time has come for Cap City spotlight

Tony P (pictured above with Big Wayne) and Rosco P (no affiliation) have both made city headlines recently with new found success in their music careers.

Tony P, the hottest artist in the 517, came home from a bid in lockup and wrecked havoc on the music scene in Lansing. He quickly published fire solo tracks and showed his energy in hype visuals. Then he dropped a bomb: the city's hottest artist was joining forces with the state's hottest artist: Sada Baby. The track, labeled "No Hook", is set to release soon and the video was shot by A4L.Productions - one of the premier camera lens in the city.

But it didn't stop there. Nooooo sir. Tony P is now the newest artist signed to Sada Baby's manager "Big Wayne". He opened up for Sada recently and is in the midst of launching what could be one of the best music careers Lansing has ever seen.

The opposite is true for Rosco P, one of the elders in Lansings rap scene. A true artist and 'OG', Rosco is getting his dues for the dedication he put in through the years. While it is still speculation, Rosco was seen in a photograph at Authentic Empire Music Group with a caption reading "This just happened. I did it". Well if its true and Rosco has landed the paperwork, its a big win in a career that is worthy of the Lansing Hall Of Fame... are you ready for the music hall of fame Rosco?

Well with two artist from Cap City recently taking huge steps into the industry, could this be a trend? Has the door been swung open for the likes of AON No Sleep Milli (my pick for next up)? Yatti Bae? Mbm King Corleone? Lil Quen? Jada P?

The secret is out that the 517 is bubbling with talent. Shoutout Tony P and Rosco P on big steps. The rest of the 517 should be staying ready.




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