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The Development Of Greenwood District Studios

Go Behind The Scenes Briefly As History Is Crafted On Lansing's Westside.

Lansing - If there are conditions to being great, then being historical comes with perils. That's because there is an ultra fine line between success and failure; and you don't become historical, you're deemed historical. This means almost anything is a danger to fate of your business.

Amaru, owner/operator of Greenwood District Studios (GDS), knows this fact all too well and is putting his all into making sure no conditions or perils prevent his media production studio from sustaining its historical trajectory, "This is my life's work, dedicated to this.. This is something we [hinting at its black-creator focus] have asked for, for a long time. This will be Michigan's 'Tyler Perry Studios," Amaru stated.

First up is making sure the studio is ready for usage in all its dynamic ways. The studio is a converted movie theater compound and has proved to be a great foundation for the GDS vision of being multi-faceted in capacity. Film and TV production sets, editing and publishing wings, a comedy club, a recording studio, and many other state-of-the-art elements of media creation. With such a large-scale overhaul taking place to accomplish this, Amaru has managed to keep col and focus. He spoke directly with Next Up's Gee and Sid about the development of 'Funny Is Funny Comedy Club' at Greenwood:

While the comedy club will assuredly be for-profit, the baseline mission of Greenwood District Studios is to provide a space and opportunity for media creation in all efforts. As you'll hear him state, "It is black-owned, not black only."


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