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'Tattoo City' Convention is Coming to Flint

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Looking to get some new ink, a place to get some new clientele, or maybe a potential networking opportunity with some of the best artist in the state? The 'Tattoo City Convention' will be hosted in Flint, awaiting and welcoming all those interested and involved in the tattooing community.

If you're looking to get inked you'll be able to choose the artist of your liking based on creativity and style. Watercolor, greyscale, freehand, and many more styles will be optional for customers. If you're looking to set up shop and host a booth you'll have the option of a general booth or a corner booth. Its recommended to bring a portfolio of your best work, and of course a steady hand for a weekend of successful tattooing.

Click here for tickets and booth reservations

* Must be 18 years old to get tattooed *

Artist & Shops

Flint - Kevin Dunbar, Ink Master Season 3 & 4 participant

- Millenial Oil Ink / Dagger Face Tattoos

Traverse City - Second Sun Tattoo

Westland - Premier Tattoo Supply Co.

Fenton - Think Ink Tattoo Co.

Saginaw - Drunken Monkey Tattoo

& many more independent and upcoming artist


August 13th-15th


Dort Federal Event Center, Flint, MI



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