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Slay'd It Boutique: Lansing's New Favorite Clothing Spot

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Owner Ja'Nay Howell Is Business Savvy And Ready To Lead 517 Fashion With Her Boutique

Attention all shopping for fly ladies clothing,

At 3721 W Michigan Ave. Suite 308, you'll find a nice wooden door that leads to the new seat of Lansing's hot fashion spot. Slay'd It Boutique is the brand-new and buzzing boutique owned and operated by Ja'Nay Howell, the confident business and fashion mind behind the women's clothing shop.

Ja'Nay is not new to the business model of selling clothing; she's been selling them for over a year using social media and digital platforms. Previously, Ja'Nay sold right out of her living room. Clothes were either packaged for pickup or delivered depending on the arrangement. It was a business she was eventually too good at, "After awhile I was outgrowing the house days, I needed my own space where girls could come in and try their clothes on, and where I can keep my inventory stacked up."

As the past had shown a year prior Ja'nay was an executor; putting her business savvy to use, she secured her finances, location, and business structure in an absurdly quick period for a budding entrepreneur. The time and effort has resulted in the already acclaimed Slay'd It Boutique - the term already being related to the boutiques fresh opening and yet strong reception. Since doors opened to shoppers, Slay'd It Boutique has been the buzz of Lansing women's fashion. Ja'Nay touched on this saying, "I'm all over social media, and the community has been so supportive. I have people coming in I've never seen before, people sharing my post I didn't know existed and it's really thoughtful."

The boutique itself is a beautiful aesthetic. The walls are a bright and comforting pink that catches your eyes when you walk in. The pink leads your eyes around the front room of the shop and hook you on the orange, white, and pink flower wall - no doubt a nice touch. The other walls of the shop are lined with gold bars that hold what the ladies want in the city: fly clothing that comes in many sizes and allows women to get their sexy on. The collections are all picked by one of 517's youngest fashion business leaders; all picked according to what Ja'Nay knows the ladies seek. The second room of the shop, pictured below, is a fitting room and model room, and maybe the highlight of the boutique. It boast a closed-off fitting room, a stationary light system, and a relaxing lounge area in front a another floral wall.

Aside from the look, Slay'd It Boutique is a serious new business. Not to be mistaken at all, Ja'Nay is clear in her focus to be her best self and make an impact in the city. This is not a simple shop opened by a hungry entrepreneur. Ja'Nay wants to do something special, "I feel like this is just the beginning. There were some girls selling clothes before me. And they're doing really well and I'm doing well also. With being a leader in selling clothes, I can help others who want to sell clothes and we can take over the clothing industry in Lansing."

All signs point to Ms. Howell taking over the fashion scene and being a leader while doing it! Look below for a recap of Next Up's tour of Slay'd It Boutique and our sit-down with owner Ja'nay Howel!



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