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Semi-Pro Teams From Around The State

A Quick Guide To The Teams Of Your Area

We all love sports! They're one of the few things that bring us all together under a roof, enjoying the successes and failures of our teams as one. Nothing like heading to the ballpark or arena with friends and family and watching your team destroy competition! Or sitting on the couch with finger foods and smiles, face pointed at the game on TV.

Naturally we all gravitate toward professional sports - NFL, NBA, MLB, WNBA, Tennis, etc. Equally as important though is the semi-professional teams that populate the state and country.

Going to a game? Next to no traffic. Looking to enjoy sports without paying your savings account? Amazing prices are a staple of semi-pro teams. Looking for great competition? These men and women are passionate about representing cities the right way and possibly climbing professional ranks. You wont find a better combination of all three of these elements: easy days at the park/arena, awesome prices, and great competition, than at your local semi-pro game!

Are you aware of who's in your area and what sports you can catch? Below, we have compiled a list of semi-pro teams in the Lansing, Grand Rapids, Flint, and Kalamazoo area as well as others from around the state. Do you plan on catching some semi-pro ball soon?


Lansing Lugnuts - Baseball

Lansing United - Wom. Socer

Lansing Derby Vixens - Roller Blading

Lansing Lightning - Men's Football

Lansing Crusders - Men's Football

Lansing Savages - Wom. Football

Grand Rapids Area

West Michigan Whitecaps - Men's Basketball

Grand Rapids Drive - Men's Basketball (NBA)

Grand Rapids Danger - Men's Basketball

Grand Rapids Fusion - Men's Basketballl

Grand Rapids Warthogs - Men's Roller Hockey

Grand Rapids Griffins - Men's Hockey

Grand Rapids FC - Women's Hockey

Grand Rapids Tidal Wave - Women's Football

Flint Area

Waza Flo - Men's Soccer

Flint City Bucks - Men's Soccer

Flint Monarchs - Women's Basketball

Flint Firebirds - Men's Hockey

Flint United - Men's Basketball

Flint Fury - Men's Basketball


Kalamazoo Growlers - Men's Basketball

Kalamazoo Wings - Men's Hockey

Kalamazoo FC - Men's Soccer

Other Notable Teams Around The State

Battle Creek Bombers - Men's Baseball

Great Lake's Loons (Midland) - Men's Baseball

Traverse City Pit Shiners - Men's Baseball

West Michigan Lake Hawks (Muskegon) - Men's Basketball

West Michigan Ironmen (Muskegon) - Men's Football

Saginaw Sugar Beets - Men's Basketball



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