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Roster changes and new management aspires to bring Flint United to new heights

As the winter season slowly comes to an end, basketball season quickly approaches the courts of Flint. Basketball has always been a known staple for the city of Flint and has always been something that has truly represented the city in many aspects. Flint United is the newest team looking to lead the charge. Starting the season with a home game against Kokomo BobKats, Flint looks to build upon there inaugural season.

Previewing new and revamped lineups, here’s a full look at Flint United roster for the upcoming season:

With new players and teams added into the fray, paired with being in its second season of ‘The Basketball League,’ Flint United has more than enough reason and motivation to seek out the ultimate success. The story of many successful sports legacies typically start within the top, when I mention the top, I speak to the organizational power keepers. This year Flint United will follow that system of proven achievement, hiring new management to set an improved standard of success. The tone of the team has changed, the aspirations have heightened, and the spirit of this team is wholehearted.

With plenty accomplished pro teams throughout the prideful cities history, will this be the season Flint United ingratiate itself in the upper echelon of Flint sports history?



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