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Rich In Poverty vs Solidified: Recapping Flints ‘Wild N Out’ Fest

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

As event curators throughout Michigan continue to test their innovation, Flint host, Kerale Cayton brings creativity to the city with his series of Wild N Out style shows. Next Up News was in attendance to capture the event as well as share a few words with some of the event attendees. The night begun with tone setting, crowd engaging music. As the event participators started to flood the building and create their own Wild N Out style scene, crowd bystanders were busy pregaming for the event vibing to the track list of the DJ.

Notable public figures for the city of Flint were in attendance. Team ‘Rich In Poverty’ was captained by Paris ‘P Dot’ Alexander, while also featuring others such as Flint comedian, Cheesestix, as well as community leaders like Isiah Oliver. Team ‘Solidified’ was captained by ‘Sheabutter’ while also showcasing more of Flints finest. Let’s take a moment to highlight and mention the fabulous Wild N Out girls who stole the show between acts and intermissions.

While opinions did form, ultimately this event was a positive sign for the city as multiple public figures and personalities collaborated to bring forth another positive, crowd friendly environment. This is a promising sign for the city and the summer of 2022. Event host and curator, Kerale C, spoke to Next Up Sid about the event and potential upcoming events. The city of Flint should be expecting more of these outings as Kerale is just getting started for 2022.

This event was held at 617 S Dort Highway, formally known as JWs Whiskey Hill. To know more about events like this follow Kerale, here.



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