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Ready Roc Drops 'Vacation' EP

A 'Vacation' Up State Isn't Slowing Lansing's Ready Roc

LANSING - One of the capital city's smoothest flows is once again lacing tracks; even if Ready Roc himself isn't around. Ready Roc, a born and bred Lansing Rapper from the city's Eastside, is currently serving a minor bid in a Michigan Correctionals facility. In true hustler's fashion, he's turned the time away into opportunity. The "Outstanding" lyricist released a 6-song EP titled "Vacation" last month and once again has his fans riding to his base-laden beats and classic bars about a life of making money (legal and otherwise). In an industry where relevance is key, consistent drops like this during tough times are important for success. In a city lacking major platforms for artists, it becomes critical.

Roc is well aware of the dynamics of the rap game and has not taken his time away from the streets as an obstacle he can't get through. And while he has limited reach at the moment, his YBM movement has not slowed its efforts in pushing their lead man. Which is a big reason why the new EP is circulating the streets.

That, and Roc honestly just doesn't miss.

"Vacation" takes Michigan's signature head-bobbing baselines and Ready Roc's now signature use of decades-old samples, and combines them with his always fresh drug and money bars. These bars speak on life for Roc operating through the 517 and Michigan. Ready Roc must have also taken a few trips to complete this project before his bid. 'Vacation' features "Energy", a hard-hitting head bobber with a beat produced by Flint's Energy Beats, and "Sound Off", another highlight on the EP, featuring Detroit's Allstar JR.

Checkout the track list below (via Tidal):

"Vacation" is available to stream and download on all major streaming platforms now.

Ready Roc will be home soon.



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