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Pushing The Envelope: Cap' City Creatives Pt. 2

Continuing to highlight greatness in Millennials all over the world, the Pushing The Envelope series presents pt.2 of Cap' City Creatives.

Lansing, MI isn't short on creative Millennials. The 517 is known for its elders, but it's the youth that are primed to take over and continue its reputation as a city capable of producing some of the top performers in their industry. Let's jump into pt. 2 and continue highlighting the excellence of Lansing's young creatives.

Mariah Powell, Prophetess - Author - Youtuber

Prophetess. Author. Youtuber. WOW.

Mariah is creative in the divine and fun work she is doing. Her book 21 Days Of Purpose is available for pre-order right now*, she has funny mukbangs on youtube, gives ministries, has started a publishing company and the list goes on! What you have to understand about creativity is the black and white nature of it. It's simple: use your God-given abilities to a purpose, and let flow from you what only you know you're capable of. Mariah epitomizes this.

"Purpose is simply finding your superpower! In my story, I am the HERO and my SUPERPOWERS are my kindness, compassion, creativity, prayer, and LOTS of faith. What are yours?"

-Prophetess Mariah Powell

Ready Roc and Sammie SoS, Music Artists - Videography

They are brothers that come from a big family based in Lansing, and through the noise and temptation of Lansing streets they both have grown into skilled rap artist - and a steady creative mind behind the camera in the case of Sammie. Using rap as their music vehicle, they have brought creativity to the forefront of the streets language. You can see that creativity on full display in Ready Roc's rap reproduction of The Gap Band's "Outstanding"*. You can check that on Youtube, same place you can check out Sammie SoS's rap and video work.*

Sammie addressed the drive to be creative behind the mic and the lens: "One thing that gives me drive when I'm in the booth, is being in the booth alone and creating off of vibes and emotions that I'm feeling at the time.. When I'm behind the lens it drives me to learn how an artist should appear on camera"