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Pushing The Envelope: Cap' City Creatives Pt. 1

Lansing millennials who are pushing the creative envelope forward in Michigan's capital city

In the 517, big things are happening. Lansing, MI has produced greatness in the past (think Magic Johnson and Google founder Larry Page), and with a rising new generation, rises new greatness. To premier the Pushing The Envelope series, a series dedicated to millennials everywhere who are driving the world forward, here is pt.1 of "Cap City Creatives," where we're highlighting minds that are indeed pushing Lansing, MI's creative scene forward.

Marquan Jones, Videography - Acting - Motivational Speaking - Fitness

You can't put a label on one of Lansing's premier creative minds. Regardless of generation Marquan shines bright; but the millennials like calling him one of our own. Still fresh in his 20's, he stands tall as a creative mind that's willing to use his own trauma in his work. That work spans fields too; from producing engaging videos, to acting in them and it's all published on his website*. He is a motivational speaker and an up and coming fitness influencer. But no labels needed, just work.

A quote from Marquan Jones on the importance of being a creator: "Being a creator has many different forms, basically looking at every opportunity from an authentic perspective, turning every opportunity into a fruit, that allows many other people to benefit from it in a inspiring way. Most importantly creators solve problems, from a life or craft perspective"

AON NoSleep Milli, Music Artist

NoSleep is another creative who is on fire right now. Every track NoSleep touches, his raw emotion is shifted into creative bars. Bars that you can hear on all the major platforms - that's the work he's putting in. Rap is a craft few are good at and, as Milli shows, for good reason. It takes immense creativity to deliver your life into a track that people like. His album "4th Quarter"* did just that.

NoSleep on why creativity is important in music: "Creativity is very important! You can either sound like the person thats poppin' or you can sound like yourself. Me, I’m my own boss - I wouldn’t dare mimic another man's sound or style. That’s what makes me unique."

Mikael Isaac, Graphic Designer