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Michigan locals embracing Flints latest brand and movement 'Rich In Poverty'

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

The latest fashionable brand has hit the Michigan streets and quickly risen to the upper echelon status of Flint street wear.

What initially started in 2016 as a idea and movement for Paris Alexander, brand owner and founder, of Flints new Rich in Poverty, has quickly become a well known, fast rising, staple of fashion throughout the city of Flint. Living in a city like Flint, where the poverty levels continuously maintain above a disappointing 35%, Paris was able to capitalize off his environment and realities. As every Michigan local knows, outside of the previous well known General Motors reputation, Flint took a turn for the worst gradually suffering systemically and economically throughout the years. With a suffering economy, comes suffering neighborhoods, unfortunately followed up with despair, conflict, and crime. This brings us to the core meaning of 'Rich In Poverty,’ its an acronym for R.I.P, informally also known as Rest In Peace. Paris wants to symbolize the negative stereotype of R.I.P and turn it into something positive and substantial through lost loved ones for the city of Flint, the state of Michigan, and more importantly expanding an everlasting movement throughout the country.

Michigan has always produced a hustlers spirit, that's Rich In Poverty, turning nothing into something- embodying the struggle around and within you, channeling the best version of yourself and your brand.

Will you be supporting the movement?

To inquire about purchasing apparel contact Rich In Poverty, here.

Also listen to Paris go in depth about the story of his brand, the movement, and much more on Flints own, 'The Ray Podcast' here.



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