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Lansings videographer ‘JR Digital’ on tour with Babyface Ray

Coming off a successful yet busy summer of bookings, consisting of photo shoots and videography of all sorts, ‘J.R Digi,’ Lansing’s well known videographer, hard work and dedication has firmly put him alongside some of the hottest and budding cameraman in the state, positioning and priming himself for a breakthrough 2022.

With any booming business or brand, expansion naturally follows. J.R Digital has been one of the leaders of Lansing when pertaining to operating and directing behind the lense, his continuous quality work has landed him a personal gig with Detroit’s famous rap star ‘Babyface Ray.’ For months in the making, Babyface Ray has been co-headlining the ‘Creme de la Creme’ tour with mainstream hip-hop rapper ‘Jack Harlow.’ This tour has already traveled across multiple states and regions, taking J.R on a journey in itself. Not many get the chance or experience to exclusively travel alongside Babyface Ray, covering and capturing some of his most coveted feats of his rap career. It’s safe to assume that J.R will put together some of his best work, expect excellent visuals and vlogs to drop as the tour continues to progress. As many once said before “expansion leads to exposure” and this tour at minimum will do just that for the ‘J.R Digital’ brand.

Will this take J.R to the top?

Facebook: J. R. Digi

Instagram: jr_digital1

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