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Lansing's Most Dapper Suit Up For The Flash Mob

The National Movement Marches Into Detroit, And Lansing's Dapper Gents Are In On The Action

Lansing - The Flash Mob, as described Mr. Aondray Worthy (above), owner of WalkWorthy Clothing and an affluent haberdasher, is a burgeoning movement that is sweeping through America. Hundreds of mostly black men descending upon major cities with one goal in mind: show the world that a dapper black men is our image. Not any other pre-determined stereotype the world may have. Dressed in a spectrum of colors, fashioned in a wide range of designers, and with walks of confidence, the men of The Flash Mob city-by-city are turning heads with style and grace. The power of attire.

Being passionate about styling men in the finest materials and designs, Mr. Worthy was of course planning on being apart of Michigan's Flash Mob in Detroit. However, the idea of first celebrating Lansing's dapper community was too good to pass up. Through organic networking Aondray formed a collective of gentlemen ready to take over Capitol grounds; this set the stage for Lansing's own Flash Mob, a precursor to Detroit.

The well-dressed men took pictures, conducted interviews, and networked with each other for about 45 minutes at the Capitol Building before departing to Detroit for a long brunch and official Michigan Flash Mob activities.



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