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Lansing Rap In Full Swing

The Rap Scene In Michigan's Capital City Is As Alive As Ever

As with everything, growth comes naturally. And at the turn of the new decade, a pandemic forced all of us to buckle down. It was either be grounded or fall depressed to the chaos. Work on your passion, or have no purpose for months on end.

I believe a lot of artist decided to go with the former in all scenarios; stay grounded, make money, and work on their passion. Which led to amazing music coming from Lansing's top rap artist. Lyrical scores like "Ball Thru It" by Tugg and "Call Me" by Diamond Jones were underappreciated gems. Jada P represented women with consistency all year. Lansing's top rap collective, AON Entertainment, had many songs hit the airways from its artists NoSleep Milli, Stay'True Red, Flint Po, and Tzy Osama. One of Lansing's most creative artist, Rosco P, put together a soon to be released EP named "D.R.U.G's" -- Next Up News got an exclusive listen to the project.

What 2020 and the pandemic did was accelerate an already known fact: Lansing rap has arrived. No its not coming up, no it isn't "a step away", its here and we all better start to accept the facts. Consistency and quality aren't an issue, and neither is the variety. Lansing has rappers from all waves and lanes, all genders and ages, and all backgrounds. The job is now in the hands of the people. To recognize and appreciate those that give us their pain and passion through music. It's time we put our money towards our home crowd. Concerts, album downloads and purchases, and public support are three very important parts of taking an artist and music scene to the next level.


But maybe you aren't wise to the new wave of Michigan's capital city, and that's why Next Up has put together a list of the top rappers in the city (in no order) and links to their music:


& Many more! The time is now for the people of Lansing and the world to meet these artist halfway with their support. Because Lansing rap has arrived.



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