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Lansing Pop-up Shops Usher In New Times

517 culture is poppin' right now, and you can thank the pop-up shops

A trip to the parking lot of Vons Party Store took on new meaning for a few Fridays in July. As did a trip to R&K Party Store on Jun 26th. And most recently the Cedar/Holmes plaza got it too.

And its all because of Lansing entrepreneurs. Young Entrepreneurs. Black entrepreneurs.

New to Lansing this Summer are pop-up shops. And they're blazing the season with fly clothing, tasty treats, and financial literacy workshops; as well as natural hair care products and delicious food.

At the center of the pop up shop movement is local entrepreneurs Beany Lizaire, Drevon Pruitt, and Joe/Jamar Dukes. The usual city-moving suspects of course.

Beany and Drevon are behind the popular "Black Market Fridays" pop-up shops. The Dukes family (including their talented sister) is responsible for the new and rising "New Gen Z" pop up shops.

The summer has been filled with these local ballers partnering with others like AON Clothing, Micky's Food Catering, and many others while putting their talents, businesses, and creativity on full display; and in the process putting our city culture on full display.

Is the city behind them? The answer is in the attendance, and the sales.

The ICE blog hit the road and seen the debuts of both the BMF pop ups, as well as the New Gen Z pop ups. Both were littered with vendors and great products, as well as people eager to see what Lansing has to offer. Social media post from vendors and customers both have shown that the pop up shops are a huge success.

The only thing left to do is keep it going. Keep bringing the products and services to the people of Cap City, and the people will continue to buy and support. This is good, and it'll be very good if we can keep it up.




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