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Kennel Culture: Belleville to Host AADRI Dog Show

Keep up with Michigan's evolving dog community

Calling out all the dog investors, connoisseurs, and kennel holders as the AADRI gets ready to host a dog show and pull club. This show will have various obstacles and activities for the dogs and kennels to showcase their physical and mental appeal. As the dog community continues to grow and evolve these types of shows are on the rise. With shows and events becoming more plentiful, this sets the stage for networking within the dog community, leading to breeding, collaborations, and potential future events. Come see if your dog has what it takes to bring a trophy home. For questions about registration contact Jimmy or Judy at (734)-652- 7151 / (734)- 552-6339 / (734)-782-9602.


This years’ show show will take place on Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville MI, 10871 Quirk Rd on June 26th. This'll be a day-long event, with registration starting at 8 am and the actual show beginning around 11 am. Come prepared as there are ground rules to abide by and restrictions set in place by the AADRI.



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