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‘JARS’ Cannabis Dispensary Continues Michigan Expansion

New Flint location is the 8th installment of 'JARS'

As recreational marijuana use reaches an all time high, business around the industry is booming. With Michigan being one of the few states with recreational laws in place, it's becoming a marijuana hub. With laws and regulations steadily changing, many companies have come and gone, but ‘JARS’ has stood the test of time and politics. ‘JARS’ brings an interesting twist to the marijuana culture by offering interactive events within the community. Staying connected to the community seems to play a role in keeping ‘JARS’ in a positive light; making the company more expandable and leading to a now 8th location in Michigan. Banking on great products, excellent employee reviews, and local support, ‘JARS’ looks to bring its reputable brand to the Flint-Mt. Morris area.


The latest ‘JARS’ Cannabis Dispensary will be located on W Pierson Rd, 48504 (formerly Bob Evans).

For more information visit their website at



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