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Success Against The Grain

Four people who gained success by keeping their ear to the people

It will always be important to have some sort of book education if you want to be successful. If anyone tells you otherwise, they're setting you up for failure somewhere down the line.

BUT just like anything in life, there is no set path in which knowledge for success can be attained. A lot of times, work "in the streets" is what will get you the needed knowledge on what will bring success. By work in the streets, I mean work dedicated to what the people want, not numbers and books. Getting a degree can be a huge boost, but take a look at these wildly successful people who did it with less than "ideal" credentials:

Master P

Percy Miller, more commonly known as Master P, is a cultural icon.

His start: Master P invested $10,000 that he inherited from his grandfather's unfortunate death, into a record store located in Richmond, CA.

How he beat the odds: With the new ownership of the record store and the death of his brother shortly after, Master P set his sights on conquering the music industry. He put out record after record of critically-acclaimed music, and eventually turned the money he invested into money making decisions, that have since then generated millions of dollars for him and his family.

Source of success: Aside from many successful business ventures in real estate, music, clothing, toy making and more, Master P groomed his son, Romeo Miller, to also be a mega-star and business man.

Ellen DeGeneres

From odd-end jobs to prime time

Her start: Ellen had humble beginnings when establishing her career. She has had a variety of jobs ranging from house painting to serving at TGIF, and many others until she finally landed a gig as Emcee at a local comedy club.

How she beat the odds: Ellen's humor caught people's attention quickly and she turned her recognition into small-time movie and television roles. After coming out as lesbian in the late 90's, Ellen re-branded and launched, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," in 2003.

Source of success: With a net worth of over $300 million, millions of social media followers, and her popular T.V. show, Ellen's sources of success are as strong as ever.

Metro Boomin'

The producer and beat-maker behind some of Hip-Hop's best tracks

His start: Metro Boomin', began his musical journey as 11th grader Laland Wayne in St. Louis. Initially, he started as a beat-maker and aspiring rap artist. He made and published his beats on the social media platform known as Twitter, where he often sent them to artist and entered them in contests.

How he beat the odds: When Metro began connecting with known artist in Atlanta's hot music scene, his mom drove him 8-hrs to and from St. Louis to meet and make music. His hard work and dedication was validated when he began working with top recording artists like Gucci Mane, Migos, and Future.

Source of success: Metro has amassed a HUGE reputation in the music industry. Forbes stated that Metro is "easily one of the best hit-makers in the world today," and his catalog of hits show the following:

His top hits include:

-Jumpman (Drake/Future)

-Tuesday (ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake)

-Bad and Boujee (Migos)

-Congratulations (Post Malone)

-Tunnel Vision (Kodak Black)


Not familiar with the highest paid, most popular gamer in the world?

His start: Growing up in Sweden, Felix a.k.a PewDiePie, had a passion for gaming and comedy. In 2010, he began posting his funny, yet talented, gaming videos which caused him to grow a huge following on YouTube.

How he beat the odds: Noticing there wasn't anyone on the throne of online gaming videos (let alone funny ones), he jumped on the opportunity to take the crown. He kept his content diverse for the millions of fans he gained, which resulted in tens of billions of views on those videos.

Source of success: His YouTube channel, endorsements, and public influence generate PewDiePie millions of dollars a year!



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