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Grind and Hustle: The Entrepreneurial Story of Steven Roper

The public has been using the terms 'hustle and grind' for countless years now, referring to the various paths of work people perform hoping to take them to prosperity. That's life for Steven, brand owner and founder of 'Grusle,' hence the brand name. It's not just a clothing line, it's a real movement for Steven.

Originally starting in 2017, Steven was then in college. Throughout his years in college he stayed close to sports circles, serving as a physical trainer for adolescents. While not minding his lifestyle as a physical trainer, Steven had bigger goals and aspirations. The consistency of his work ethic combined with a mind fixed on greater pastures, opened up new opportunities and avenues for Steven.

After a few years of learning the business, trail and error, and networking 'Grusle' was becoming a trendy yet established brand. Initially seeing benefit with the brand selling as sports wear, Steven successfully expanded the brand to apparel for all. To put credibility and respect on 'Grusle,' recent milestones and accomplishments include partnering with

professional management, launching the official 'Grusle' website, inking two in-store inventory deals (The Underplay in Lansing, MI and Sneakerhead in Troy, MI), expanding to Dallas, Arizona, Atlanta, and you can also spot Detroits Sada Baby donning the gear.

Listen as Steven shares a few words with Next Up:

To inquire about Grusle gear contact here:

Facebook: Grusle Gear



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