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Get Excited For A Post Pandemic Summer

Michigan Is Primed For One Hell Of A Summer.

Did y'all miss it?

Summer vibes don't happen when people can't be within six feet of one another, and a worldwide pandemic is not exactly a lighter for summer cigars. So in 2021, with progress made toward the end of a crisis, it is natural to want to enjoy what was lost for many months. This one is for the adults.

Think about the last 15 months. Walking through the party-hardy city alleys? Sike. Shot of tequila at the bar? Not happening. Go to the local eatery that, "I'm telling you babe its still open", federal AND state no-no. Somehow all of outside was closed - beaches and state parks included.

Kids were home, jobs were in limbo, politics were a clown show, childcare doubled if not closed shop, regulation after damn regulation. Mask, Mask, and even people wearing double mask? You get it!

Deep breath. That's because it's time for fresh air, visible smiles, and sun! The long days of Covid-cancellation are over, as Governor Whitmer recently announced that starting Tuesday, all regulations on capacity indoor and outdoor, as well as mask-wearing rules are no-more.

Starting to feel like summer?

Michigan is home to amazing beaches and bars alike, with crowds as diverse as anywhere in the Midwest. Getting lost in the streets of Detroit or exploring the rolling roads of Grand Rapids is again a thing. Lansing bar crawls and Battle Creek gambling trips are thundering back, and does anyone own a damn boat? Torch Lake! Houghton Lake! Hell, Lake Lansing!

So sneaker up and hit the streets of Michigan; just make sure it's in a safe manner. If you need some guidance, look no further than the Post-Pandemic Next Up News Tour!


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