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Gems Within the Market: Eats and Treats

Flints Farmers Market has long been known for its premium quality fruits, vegetables, poultry, and its various fresh bread bakers. Rightfully so, its reputation has stood as a staple for the freshest products in the local market, but lately that's not all its been known for. Food and treat vendors have become hand and hand with the Farmers Market brand, establishing themselves as a gem within the market.

* The Flint Farmers Market is located on 300 E 1st St and openly operates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9am-5pm. Hours of operation may vary, there will contact information listed next to each vendor for further questioning or inquiries *

Take a look below as we highlight the multi-cultured food and snack vendors scattered throughout the Farmers Market.




Cinnamom makes fresh cinnamon rolls daily, with 30 different toppings to choose from. All boxes are checked when it comes to toppings as you can choose maple bacon as an option or switch it up and go with strawberry cheesecake.


Bagel On The Run


Bagels On The Run, a homemade heaven for bagels and spreads. There's a bagel for everyone as there are plenty of flavors and options for all. You can also catch a fresh traditional breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal while shopping at Bagels On The Run.


Bongos Gourmet Popcorn

Bongos Gourmet Popcorn offer premium artisan style popcorn flavors, specializing in sweet and savory flavors. Caramel apple puffs is the current flavor embodying the fall season.


Crust - A Baking Company


This company is symbolized through its famous yellow logo, its know for having over 120+ baked goods. Crust also haves another location located in Fenton, MI.


d'Vine WInes


d'Vine Wine presents a fine wine boutique, having access to some of the finest wines and beers throughout the world, also specializing in Michigans famous domestic flavors.


Semi-Sweet LLC


Semi-Sweets LLC presents to you various kinds of baked goods, such as french macaroons and custom items. These treats are freshly baked daily in high end commercial kitchen products.


Pennys Cafe Espresso and Bundt Cakes


Pennys Cafe is very unique in its services catering to the gluten and vegan free community. Pennys offer premium coffee, espresso, vegan syrups and milks, and gluten free goods like biscotti and bundt cakes.


Willows Garden Juice Bar

Introducing some of the rawest yet most refreshing fruit drinks in the local market. Smoothies, fruit drinks, grass shots, elixers, and much more is offered at Willows Garden Juice Bar.



Beirut Restaurant


Beirut Restaurant brings the middle eastern style to the Flint area, offering Lebanese dishes. Stop in for lunch or grab a bag full of seasonings and spices for your pantry.




As you see on the flyer above 'specialty hot dog cart' is stated on it and that's exactly what it is. You can come to B-Dogs and try many inspired dogs from Flint style coneys to Chicago inspired glizzys.


Charlies Smokin BBQ


Charlies isn't just any BBQ stand in Flint, its a multi award winning BBQ establishment. Charlies specializes in hickory smoked BBQ dishes, offering ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork, polishes, etc.



Chef Vu brings Vietnamese style dishes to the local market, specializing in 'comfort foods.' Mamang is known to bridges the gap between old and new school Vietnamese recipes.


Spectacular Spudz


Spectacular Spudz has become a fan favorite and city staple for locals, offering and specializing in premium loaded baked potatoes. Alfredo, steak, shrimp, chicken and bacon, turkey, or all of the above, you choose. Come check out the many options of spudz.



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