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Flint Spotlight: Street Chef Meech

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

If you're not familiar with 'Street Chef Meech,' brand owner of 'Off The Wrist,' then here's your chance to get to know one of the leading and active chefs moving about the Flint cooking scene.

Being self employed or operating a business seems more and more common these days, but its even more fitting when you're truly gifted with a skill that's leading your pursuit. That's how things are for Meech who first started cooking in 2016. He discovered a talent of his own ability and has transitioned into one of the best 'Street Chefs' you can find. Street Chef, yeah you reading it right, meaning he's literally hands on any and everywhere there's a kitchen. You might catch him out catering for something as common as a baby shower or something as special as a wedding, cooking for your local nightclub, or even cooking out of a kitchen of your preference. He prides himself on being a multi-faceted chef.

It wasn't until 2018 when Meech really started getting the locals buzzing about his dishes that was sending positive waves throughout the city. Advertising dishes on Facebook and bringing samples to coworkers and friends was pivotal to his initial success, but once he stamped the himself 'Street Chef Meech' and followed that up with the chef symbolic 'Off The Wrist' clothing brand, he had a business to build and a brand for the people to embrace. Meech didn't stop there, he continued to push his brand and movement forward. The continuous grind resulted in even more opportunities for Meech.

They say you're not a true chef if you don't have a special dish or blend, and Meech has accumulated and created a handful of signature flavors throughout the years. Those flavors come from his newest ventures; Street Seasonings and Sauces by Meech.

Here's a brief look at some of his highly coveted dishes and products:

Pictured above are some of his signature sauces and blends, also pictured is his notable clothing wear. There will be a link below will you can inquire about each product.

As you can see the presentation is there, as well as the appeal of each dish. This is just a sample size of what Street Chef Meech posses in his cooking arsenal.

For more information about Chef Meech, you can follow him on Facebook at 'Meech Thompson, email him at , and you can also follow him on TIkTok for exclusive cooking snippets at 'itsthestreetchef.'



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