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Flint 'Food Truck Sundays' Takeover Downtown

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

On a gloomy Sunday afternoon in Flint locals from all throughout community came together to host and support the new ‘Food Truck Sunday‘ event.

As people mingled throughout the lot and traveled vendor to vendor, locals were left with their appetites satisfied and a sense of afternoon enjoyment, setting the standard for the upcoming weekends. Customers walked around with their smiling children, others stepped and danced along to the songs played by the DJ, there was even customers lapping each other creating a intersection of people- if that doesn't scream good food and a even better time then you would be surely fooled.

This event was planned to push and add extra initiative to small and local businesses, each Sunday looks to draw bigger crowds and explore different vendor opportunities.

These outings takes place from 3 pm - 6 pm every Sunday through October 31st in the Flat Lot, located at 125 E Kearsley St. Come get your taste of burgers, pizza, dessert, seafood and more.


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