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'Flint City Classic' Alumni Games

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Kerale Cayton continues to put forth his best efforts in event planning as he prepares for another big outing for the city of Flint.

There isn't to many things that bring people like sporting event does. Fans gather in arenas for the endless entertainment, trash talking, those high pressure moments, and being around that competitive aura floating throughout the atmosphere. That's what the vibe plans to be like September 5th for the 'Flint City Classic' alumni game. This'll be a refreshing scene for Flint locals, there's even whispers from fans hoping to get nostalgic 'Coca Cola Classic' vibes. Comparing this event to the Coca Cola Classic seems pretty lofty, but with so many notable names in one building, expectations are bound to be exceeded.

Game 1

- Flint Socialites

Elevate Exchange vs Solidified

Game 1 Preview:

Game 1 might just be more entertaining than the main event game, due to the make up of each roster. Notable names who jump off of the list are guys like Deniro Johnson, Zeke Gundry, and DJ Chef Nate who have respective occupations of being a entrepreneur, rap artist, and custom chef. That's just a small portion of Team Elevate Exchange, meanwhile Team Solidified has other noteworthy names like Rick Fleming, Zel Washington, and Cheesestix. Again another group of various careers. Rick is a personal trainer, Zel is another entrepreneur, while Cheesestix is a social media comedian. Game 1 should be interesting to say the very least.

Game 2

- Main Event Game

Team North (Tiggs) vs South (Coleman)

Game 2 Preview:

Game 2 looks to be more competitive as there will be serious hoopers lacing it up for this one. Some of the most accomplished hoopers from the last 10+ years will be on the court representing the North and South teams. Malik Ellison, who lit it up for 60 plus in his final game as a senior, will be out there alongside Deandre Upchurch, who most recently played in Czech Republic averaging 21.1 per contest, representing Team Tiggs. Team Coleman will be headlined by Keenan Coleman, star guard for Central Highschool from 2007-2009, followed up with Neshua Wise, who played for Iowa Southeastern CC after finishing highschool. Look for this game to be fast pace, energetic, and high scoring.

Additional Information

This event will take place September 5th at Flint Southwestern Highschool from 5-8 pm. Admission for kids 12 and under will be free, $5 for teens, and $10 for adults. This no early payments ticket option, tickets will only be available at the door. For more information on this event or future events contact Kerale Cayton, here.



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