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Faces Of The Generation

July's Faces Specialize In Making Life Stand Still; And Money Keep Going

July is a month of sun, and right on point are the Faces Of The Generation for July -- a couple sons of Lansing. They're two friends from school days on the eastside of Lansing, and have maintained their brotherhood through struggles and hard times. But now Brian Morton, the well-spoken Financial Advisor pictured above, and Marquan Jones, the motivating voice and lens of Lansing, are maintaining their brotherhood through successes.

Both Brian and Marquan are shining examples of excellence; having beat the odds as young men growing up in a very tough environment. Academically, succeeding in inner-city schools was a challenge for anyone, and Brian did it while being one of the biggest hoop stars in the state of Michigan. Away from school the odds were double-stacked. Just to make it to school was a feat, and to make it home and back the next day could be considered an accomplishment. Marquan, pictured below, has strong testimony on how traumas preceded triumphs in his life.

Now, the friends are giving the odds back slowly and surely. Marquan is the Founder/Operator of Just Get Footage LLC, a premier photography company operating out of Lansing. Meanwhile Brian is a Financial Advisor Associate at Morgan Stanley. Each business move and wise decision makes it less likely they'll fail. How's that for beating the odds?

These men have become pillars in the community and are deserving of much praise!

Who'll be highlighted for August's "Faces Of The Generation"? Nominate here!

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