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Faces Of The City

September's Face Of Lansing Is Lorin Cumberbatch, A Dedicated Esthetician Who's Turning The Beauty Business Up On Lansing's Westside.

Lansing - Rolling into the Fall season, Next Up News has recognized another strong pillar in the community as the Face Of The City.

Off the busy intersection of Michigan Ave & Waverly Rd., you will find a building that's magic. A place where you can walk in feeling your worst, and walk out feeling your best. Not just feel your best, but look it! As Swizz Beats once said, "Nails done, hair done, everything did," - and he had to have been talking about this place. Sultana's Nails, Ron's Barbershop, and Skin Studio 211, our focus here, all call this magical building home; even podcasts film here. Things happen fast here, and they happen in the fashion that boss woman Lorin Cumberbatch has always envisioned.

Another strong black-woman leads our Faces Of The City for September. Lorin is a dedicated individual providing some of the best value to Lansing that you will find anywhere in the city. She is an esthetician by trade. She also is the owner/operator of Skin Studio 211, one of Lansing's most beloved skin studios. She also operates the building Skin Studio 211 is in. Oh, and she also leases space in that building to other, mostly black-owned, small businesses. A true Queen at work; learn about Lorin Cumberbatch and her history with Skin Studio 211, as well as the magical building she operates, directly from the boss herself. She took the time to sit with Next Up News for a candid conversation:



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