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Faces Of The City

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

August's Face Of The City Specializes In Being A Small Business Swiss Army Knive

If you're looking for a do-it-all Lansing figure with an eccentric personality, look no further than Beany Lizaire. Beany is the prideful owner of legendary brand Foumonky Clothing, a hands-on pioneer behind Lansing's pop-up shop renaissance, and a dedicated chef known for her delicious biria tacos and jerk chicken dishes. She easily and frequently crosses lines in business, flexing her entrepreneurial muscle in industries such as fashion design, retail, cooking/catering, and networking. At 28 years young, Beany is in control of her destiny. That destiny? Taking her initiative and turning it into successful business ventures, able to be scaled to heights that will secure her and her families financial futures.

If you know Beany though, its more than a dollar on her mind when she's working on businesses and ventures. She genuinely cares for Lansing and its continued growth. This is what led Beany to begin hosting pop-up shops for local vendors. A popular figure in Lansing for her personality and widely-known clothing brand Foumonky Clothing, Beany was a driving force behind the city wave of local urban vendors connecting in parking lots to sale their products. Alongside music and sunny skies, many locals were able to present their products in a direct-to-customer point of sale. This was new for many local vendors and it eventually grew to the movement it stands at today; a staple on summer weekends and at Lansing events. Local brands and businesses putting their brands directly in the hands of paying customers. By showing how accessible the structure of pop-up shops were, and by networking with others to organize the events, Beany laid a blueprint down for the rest of us to either duplicate or simply fall under. 2020 produced a limited number of good things it seemed; Beany's work behind pop-up shops was certainly one.

The pop-up shop movement is not the only thing the maestro has gotten off the ground. In fact it pales in comparison to the business that defines her. Beany is the founder, designer, and operator behind one of Lansing's most recognizable urban streetwear brands, FouMonky Clothing. The Monkey head that symbolizes the brand has dawned hats, hoodies, sweat suits, denim jackets, shirts and so much more. For years now her clothing drops have been anticipated and well-received in Lansing, one reason she has long been regarded highly in business, fashion, and social circles.

Did you forget about the 5-star biria tacos and delicious jerk chicken? Yes, among all the things she does, she is still an amazing cook in the kitchen. This being an impressive fact knowing all the work she has done in other spaces. She loves selling plates fresh off the grill at Quickies store or from her home, both located on the southside of Lansing; and she'll never turn away new business. Her loaded egg rolls and catfish dinners are favorites here at Next Up.

The work she does and her personality pair well together in forming a big-hearted entrepreneur who is certainly deserving off the recognition. She is a figure and personality in the community; feeding, clothing, and leading the city. All for the culture.

Join us in giving a big shoutout to August's Face Of The City in Lansing!

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