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DVE x Gucci - Limited Edition

Detroit vs Everybody or also known as 'DVE' has started a nationwide trend, but before it was one of the most fashionable street wear brands, it was just a locally embraced slogan.

What started in 2012 by Detroit's own, Tommey Walker, was originally for the people of Detroit. The simple of yet resonating logo has garnered much attention. Cities, colleges, sororities, and even professional sport teams have adopted the look. Celebrities like Trey Songz and athletes like Joel Embiid have been spotted out wearing 'DVE' style gear. With more and more entities attaching its name to the brand, 'DVE' has earned the attention of Gucci, the well established, high end designer brand. "My partnership with Gucci is a dream come true, not just for me and my team, but also for the city of Detroit's cultural richness and innovation" said Tommey Walker, and he was exactly right as Detroit was getting its just due.

This collaboration puts him in rare air, as he gives the next generation another outlet and source of hope. While Detroit gradually builds its narrative and image back in good light, Mr. Walker takes his own route as a fashion culture icon.

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