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Confident, Sexy, Authentic: A Bandz Is In The Building

Nothing about A Bandz is dull, and her exclusive sit down with Sid, and The Blog, wasn't either.

Having A Bandz give exclusive time to The Ice Blog was huge for so many reasons:

  • The 517's rap game is flooded with talented ladies.

  • A Bandz herself is ascending, so any exclusive time she gives is appreciated.

  • She has an exclusive dropping soon. Word is, it's CRAZY.

So when she walked up and I yelled, "A BANDZ IN THE BUILDINGGGG" it was a legitimate yell that really meant "Lansing is turning up with this collab!"

Her 2-part exclusive interview, with me, is available below and on The Ice Blog's YouTube channel.

But who Is A Bandz?

She grew up between Detroit and Lansing, so Michigan is in her blood. In Lansing she spent most her time, on the Nooooorthside. She hung around, what would soon become, the AON Movement in Lansing (featuring the likes of NoSleep Milli and Stay'True Red). But don't get it confused, while those are her brothers, A Bandz is carving her own lane.

Since middle school, A Bandz, who's name is Angel, has been focused on using her lyrical skills to go far in the rap game. She knew back then that she had the skill, now time has crafted that skill.

Time, plus skill, plus the confidence to be the sexiest lady in Lansing Rap, has made A Bandz a pillar in the game. And she isn't scared to let it be known.

Having that confidence didn't come from anywhere. She has a story that ladies of all ages can relate too. Struggle and grind made a soldier. Pressure made a diamond. And since when dont diamonds bling and showoff? Thought so.

Watch the interview. Part 1 and Part 2. and get hip to one of the flyest in the city!

Part 2

It's A Bandz time.


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