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Millennial Millionaires - And Why I'm Not One

The American Dream is alive and well for a large number of America's youth

My life just got a LOT more inspired... or a lot more questionable... I'm still deciding on how to cope with the fact that in the USA there are over 600 thousand millennials, (that's roughly ages 21-35 (ish)), that have become millionaires. MILLIONAIRES.

Now to put that in context, that's 1% of the millennials in the USA. No reason to be relieved though because when you do the math, that is 12,000 per state, and much less for states like Alaska, Montana, Wyoming... etc. If we're being honest (I mean c'mon). Now if you want to be brutally honest, you could then be sure that many millennials don't have the drive or desire to reach the millionaire status. So in all, I'm looking at dozens of thousands of millionaires in my state that are my age... What the hell am I doing?

What does a millennial millionaire look like? According to a article, written in late 2019, the average sub-35(ish) millionaire owns 3 homes and holds a portfolio worth about 1.4 million dollars.

*A "portfolio" is a general word for things that a person or business controls, like investments, products, brands, etc.

“I am not looking for reasons to justify not living my dreams and being above average financially.”

These are men, and women, that have put in the necessary effort and energy into their craft, which is what catapults you to having millionaire income. Twice a week I buy Mcdonalds' $3.18 burger and fry combo. I'm guessing twice a week they buy $3.18 worth the Mcdonalds' stock. You see where I'm going with this? I buy shoes, they buy credit repair programs so loans are easier for business and real estate needs. It's black, white, French, Spanish, and Barney look-alike's too! What separates the millionaire from the Average Joe, is the hustle. A little luck sometimes, but hustle and hard work.

Don't bother fancying me with statements like, "It takes time," "it's different for everybody," because they're correct. It's correct to assert that it in fact takes time... but that is time I haven't put in. And yes there is a difference... those 600,000 millionaires did what it took to reach the mantle. I am not looking for reasons to justify not living my dreams and being above average financially.

So here I am. Not a millionaire. But not for long. Can you relate?



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