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Claressa Shields to be honored with unveiling of ‘Claressa Shields St.'

The legendary boxer is set to be recognized by the city that groomed her

FLINT - Being the only boxer in history, female or male, to hold all four major world titles in boxing—WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO—simultaneously in two weight classes, as well as being the only American boxer to win back to back Olympic gold medals, comes with its perks.

Like getting an entire street named after you.

"Omg!!! June 19th I will be having my childhood street named after me! My grand mother would be so freaking happy! Most of my life spent on this street and started my boxing career at the Berston field house. I can’t believe this is happening! I need all my fans, family, friends, man everyone to be there for the unveiling! I’m in real tears." Claressa emotionally shared to her facebook newsfeed, announcing the honor to friends, fans, and family.

While the gold medals and multiple titles signifies her continuous dominance, the journey to prosperity started long ago for Claressa. Before Shields was fighting on the biggest international stages, she was dominating local competition inside the walls of Berston Fieldhouse, a sports recreational center for the kids of Genesee County. Today there’s a banner pictured of her famously above the entrance of the building, essentially making Berston home of the ‘GWOAT.’ Located directly across from the fieldhouse is Spencer St. On June 19th, Spencer St will be acknowledged and known as ‘Claressa Shields St’ honoring the hometown hero in the most timeless of ways. Spencer Street is synonymous with Berston Fieldhouse, furthermore its the childhood block of where Claressa spent most of her adolescence. Shield wears her hometown on her sleeve, as a badge of honor, always accrediting the city for making her resilient and the champion she is today, rightfully so, she’s earned every honor she’s received.

This ceremony will take place in form of a block party. Family members, friends, supporters, public figures, and many more will be in attendance to witness history as Claressa gets forever enshrined into the community that birthed her. Festivities kick off around 2pm and plan to wind down around 4pm, everyone’s encouraged to to attend the unveiling as this is a community event.

Will you be in attendance to witness a bit of Flint history?



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