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CheeseStixxs: A Flint Comedian On The Rise

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

When you think of Flint comedians who host and amuse at some of the most entertaining events, timelessly going viral on social media, and performs stand up in the most comical way, you think of Kristian Nunn, also known as 'Cheese Stixxs,' one of Flints upper echelon comedians.

Next Up had a chance to sit down with Kristian talking over multiple topics, but most importantly highlighting the comedian and his brand. As the interview unfolds Kristian opens up about the start of his humor and mentions a few things and people who played important inspiring factors into his comedian journey.

"I'm a real raunchy type comedian" Kristian mentioned, as the topic transitioned to style of humor and how that fuels and influences his brand. His flamboyant approach and personality has landed him collaborations and networking ventures with some of the most notable Flint entertainers to date.

While the topics continued to bounce around, Kristian made sure he closed out the interview by mentioning that once his success allows him to, he will give back to the community of Flint to try to reestablish new boundaries to create and influence generations to come.

Listen to the interview below to hear the full detailed story:

For new 'CheeseStixxs' content or business inquires he can be found at:

Facebook: Kristian Nunn

Instagram: cheesestixxs




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