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Buttercreme Beauty Is Solving A Major Issue In Skincare

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Led by owner India Young, Buttercreme Beauty is creating long-term answers for your skin.

LANSING - Buttercreme Beauty is an up-and-coming line of skin care products based out of Lansing, MI. It was created by India Young in 2017 after she developed a random case of Eczema patches which she described left her skin feeling “dry, irritated and cracked”. Oxford dictionary defines Eczema as "a condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed," with no clear external reason. India developed an insecurity to the patches, and a battle with flare-ups only worsened the insecurity. After trying numerous store bought products meant to aid Eczema, India decided that none of these products were providing her with the moisture needed to soothe her dry, irritated skin. She stated "They all lacked long-term moisture and actual skin absorption, I still felt dry right after applying," when asked what was going wrong with pre-existing skin products. India decided to solve the issue herself, and began working on a natural product that would end her battles. With research and some trial and error, India created her first product, Buttercreme. The creme was designed to give long-term moisture to people with dry skin or Eczema, just like her. She started off by just passing out samples of her product for people to give a try. India received positive feedback, and in 2018 she decided it was time to launch her brand, Buttercreme Beauty.

The mission of the skincare line is to solve the age-old problem of dry-skin, by providing long-term relief. But its deeper. The Buttercreme was made to invoke many of the senses in its daily application; the creme is soft to the touch, and scents like cremesicle or cucumber melon draw on your taste. It is intimate, and the intimacy was a designed effect of Buttercreme Beauty product use. India Young's vision was, and still is, to promote self-love in each of her customers.

India herself is a busy woman. Along with running daily operations at Buttercreme Beauty, India is also a model with 24K Talent Agency, she teaches dance classes, and hosts events throughout Lansing.

She focuses her efforts on expanding her business through social media, such as Instagram and Facebook (Buttercreme Beauty/India Young), and can be contacted through either. She can also can spotted at vendor events throughout Michigan, so stay up-to-date on Buttercreme Beauty and its happenings!




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