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Lansing Based Modeling Agency That's Worked With Kanye West Is On The Rise

24k Talent Studios, led by Bianca Galloway, has already worked with huge names and brands

LANSING - Creative Director, Coach, Talent Acquisition, no matter what hat Bianca Galloway is wearing that day she's on top of her game. The striving business-orientated Queen is a former model and current owner of 24k Talent Studios, a Lansing-based modeling agency already on the national stage; thanks in large part to the work of Bianca.

Nestled in Lansing's Enterprise Dr. industrial park, at 5601 Enterprise Dr., you'll discover the studio that Bianca and her hard-working husband, Chris Galloway, originally opened years back. The pair are business-savvy individuals which explains the rental operations of the studio, but it is Bianca's eye for beauty and creativity that has 24k Talent Studios in national limelight. Their models are ripping fashion shows, serving looks in remote locations, and working alongside one of the biggest names in the music industry, Kanye West.

"confidence... It radiates through their walks, looks, and the essence of the team."

It takes work and learned skill to become a successful model, and Next Up News was granted access into a practice for the cast of models at 24k; though we hesitate to call it a practice as models were in great form for our cameras! The uniqueness of the agency is the confidence instilled from top down. Leadership, Bianca and her right hand Orlando, give great confidence to their models through solid coaching and skill development. It radiates through their walks, looks, and the essence of the team.

Watch the recap, and see the confidence on full display as models strut through a Sunday practice:

Ready to gain confidence and show your beaty?

Ready to be apart of a successful modeling agency?

That and all other matters can be directed to their website at


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