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Black Market Fridays Begin in Lansing

The new pop-up shop is debuting on a Juneteenth like no other, and ready to showcase the 517's creative genius, and business acumen. Oh and it's full of SOUL.

Your most important stop for Juneteenth celebration in Cap' City will need to be the kickoff of 'Black Market Fridays' Pop up Shop. Hosted by Beany Lizaire, Dre Pruitt, and a host of other vendors, the pop up shop is a celebration of Lansing's black entrepreneurship with vendors being a "who's who" of local business minds (read below for full list). Be sure to get there early and with open pockets though - you can be sure the city will flood R&K Market (4013 Aurelius Rd. Lansing MI 48910) ready to shop. While there, check out every booth. Spend your money, eat a hotdog, and flat-out enjoy the vibe of Lansing - it's the best opportunity of the summer to do so thus far. Let's get it!

Here's a list of vendors that will be there:

  • AON Entertainment

  • Unxccepted Clothing

  • Micky's Catering*

  • FouMonky Clothing

  • Fat Kitty, LLC*

  • Dream Closet by Dria

  • 'From The Sole' Shoe Cleaning

  • All Doll'd Up

  • Carter & Cruz's Silly Socks

  • 'Silly Insanity' Clothing*

  • Visuals of Mara*

  • Enole by EVON boutique**

  • Akiras Kid-Friendly Drinks

  • Debo Scotty Music*

  • Sleeze

  • New Wave, Inc. Clothing

  • GOAT Clothing

  • Willow Banks - Official DJ of Pop-up

  • Strip Tease Boutique

  • Morton's Wealth Management (Brian Morton - Financial Adviser)



The pop-up shop runs every Friday until July 3rd.



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