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Relive The Black Excellence On Display For Juneteenth

Next Up Caught Up With Mikey Austin, The Kickback Podcast Team and Others

Look back at the awesome event with our direct script of the dope event in Lansing's Reotown:

Q1 Role here today?

Q2 What's it like to experience Juneteenth/Black Culture as a (vendor/host/organizer)?

Q3 How's your post-covid experience in Lansing?

Q4 Any future events for summer 2021?

YOUTH LIVES MATTER - Jalen Andersen & Jasmin Lynch

Q1 Answer: promote local organization (highlight 1st year as vendor)

Q2 Answer: “Exciting, great to be able to celebrate black freedom and the youth all around.” - JALEN

“It's just great to be a part of a big event ... celebrating Juneteenth, the first year as a federal holiday.” - JASMIN

“All about mentorship here … getting the community involved ... building a safer and positive community for youth.”

Q3 Answer: Highlighted the excitement of more opportunities

  • working w/churches

  • community center work

  • potential collabs with other community organizations

Q4 Answer: Upcoming School Fundraiser


Q1 Answer: Event coordinator/ organizer/ recording artist

Q2 Answer: “I love seeing black people have a good time, so that's the whole jist of why we did this, and it looks like they are having a good time, I couldn't be more happy right now.”

Q3 Answer: “It's been over a year, so people were ready to be out and having a good time, I was ready to be out and have a good time, so it just feels great to be able to find some type of normalcy.”

Q4 Answer: Spoke on upcoming events

  • briefly spoke on music career

  • Grand Rapids music show July 22nd

  • highlighted importance of planning Juneteenth event next year


Andrea Jenae & Angel Brooke

Host of Event Crowd influence/interaction, role in keeping morale of crowd positive/”turnt up”*

Mentioned Upcoming Events

  • Saturday Brunch / Skin Studio Pop Up Shop Sunday

  • Hip Hop Parade Pop Up Shop July (Flint) / CE Cannabis Festival in August



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