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5 Tips To Make The Most of Your Mornings

Deja gives 5 tips she uses to make the most out of her mornings and encourage positive days.

1. Wake up early. Make sure you wake up early enough to actually enjoy the morning hours. See the sunrise, get some fresh air, and hear the birds sing. Put yourself in a good mood and set the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Pray/Manifest/Meditate. Which ever suites you—or all 3. The point is to get your mind right. Relax and free your mind of all negativity, anxiety, and discouragement.

3. Take a Shower/Do your hair. It’s important to take a shower every morning. Lather up, massage your skin & let the water cover your body. After showering, make sure to moisturize. Pick out a nice outfit and do your hair how you like. We feel better when we smell and look good!

4. Eat Breakfast. If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, go lite. Still fulfilling, but not too much to give you that “full”, sleepy feeling. A fruit smoothie, protein bars, fresh fruits and yogurts are all good choices. If you’ve got a “chill” day ahead, make that big breakfast!

5. Clean. Make sure you make your bed and clean up any messes you may have made this morning before leaving the house— if you work, or go to school. Even if you’re staying in, make sure you stay productive and organized!



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