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Beats x Beers Host "The Block Party" in Downtown Flint

With a size able portion of downtown Flint set to be reserved for the event, multiple people will flood the streets pursuing entertainment, food, drinks, and to shop with local vendors.

Despite the crime and the negative stereotype hovering over Flint city, Beats x Beers continue to put forth its best effort to reinvigorate the morale and optics of the city. Coming August 19th, Beats x Beers will be hosting "The Block Party." This is a much anticipated event as multiple other events, festivals, and gatherings where hosted by the Beats x Beers crew, garnering much attention, a variety of people, and of course great vibes for all.

Typically when you think of block parties you think of the usual clamorous music and shouts from every direction. Beats x Beers wants to put a twist on things by making the outing a bit more organized and culture friendly. There'll be 4 different DJs spinning tracks and setting tones, with one of the DJs being the prominent and legendary 'Just Blaze'. Just Blaze is known for working with a multitude of artist such as Jay Z, Beanie Sigel, Cam'ron, T.I, Faith Evans, and even Notorious B.I.G. He'll headline the event as each DJ gets their own designated set time to treat the attendees to soothing yet crowd friendly music.

The first 'Block Party' was hosted and held in 2019 with around 3000 people showing up, proving this event to be a success. This years event will expect even more people as the summer nears the end and people look for their last summer hooray. Tickets will cost you $20 and you can get them here. This event will be another example of Mr. Corder, the founder of Beats x Beers, showing the people of Flint what its like to collab and network for the greater good of the city, the people, and the culture.

Here's a look at the events itinerary:


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