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Beats x Beers annual 'Toast' celebration returns for 2021 year end gathering

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Success shows itself in many forms and fashions, it could be something as simple as progressing toward that next deal or breakthrough, completing your personal or educational goals, or something significant like securing a distribution deal for you brand and it’s services. There’s no capacity or height to success as it is defined as: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. A small series of progress or wins can be the difference between success and “what could have been.“

As the year slowly comes to an end many brands, entities, and individuals commonly reflect on the year ones had, looking back at the trials and tribulations they faced heading down the different avenues of prosperity. The year of 2021 embodies everything previously stated: progress, wins, and prosperity, all while traveling the road of uncertainty. As we all know the the year of 2020 was essentially canceled due to COVID, making everything that much harder to accomplish and obtain. While the world gradually transitions back to normalcy, Beats x Beers, curators of the culture, plans to bring forth an event highlighting success on all fronts. The annual ‘Toast’ event is back and in full effect, bringing a needed celebration full of flavor and class.

This event will be a year ends, formal celebration, as people of all caliber come out and attend the ‘Toast’ to success. If you’re looking to be in attendance this event will take place Downtown Flint at Blackstone’s Smokehouse, 531 Saginaw St, 48502 on December 18th. In honor of the soon arrival of Christmas, there will also be a toy drive for Whaley’s Children Center, encouraging every attendee to participate, displaying positive community involvement.

Beats x Beers has plenty of success to be proud of and to celebrate, as this’ll be another one of its classic outings for the community and culture.

Will you be attending the latest Beats x Beers event?

To purchase event tickets click here, also to further inquire about the event or future events you can contact the event host, Brandon, here.

Check out the previous 'Toast' celebration here:


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