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Authentic Cuban food comes to Flint as 'Mimi's Cuban Bakery and Cafe' opens to the public

Flint has long been known for its Flint style Coneys, Little Caesars Stromboli's, and a handful of other classic eateries, but Mimi's new Cuban style bakery and cafe looks to break the mold and offer Michigan locals a truly new cultural taste.

Mimi's Cuban Bakery and Cafe, located on 1844 Dort Highway, Flint, MI opened a few weeks ago and it appears that the public has been anticipating for this establishment to open as the drive thru line and dining room areas have continuously produced awaiting lunch and dinner crowds. Locals are pouring in daily to try the new and diverse Cuban menu, filled with various choices of Cuban cuisine.

Mimi's starts the day early opening at 6am, just on the time for the first shift crowd to stop in for a true Cuban breakfast experience alongside a pure cup of premium Cuban espresso. And if you're a second shifter you can come in anytime after that up until 6pm, and get your hands on some of their mouthwatering lunch and dinner products pictured below. As we gloss over the food, the bakery is of course worth mentioning as well, providing Flint locals with a new place to satisfy their sweet tooth. Take a look as we highlight the restaurant in our video below:

Will you be ordering from Mimis Cuban Bakery & Cafe?



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