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AON NoSleep Milli's 'Fake Famous' Album An Instant Classic

And It Puts The Lansing Artist Firmly On The Michigan Rap Radar; And Soon Beyond.

AON NoSleep Milli is no stranger to having his way. Whether it be the jewelry lacing his neck, or his words lacing tracks, it's become clear that any struggle the "Bandemic" rapper has faced, he's turned into a successful story. He's been on the Lansing rap radar for a few years since his release from prison; dropping classic banger after banger. Hits like "Bag In Motion," "Big Dawg Status," and "Dynamic Duo," with rap star Rio Da Yung OG, showed consistency and skill behind the mic and a willingness to do what it takes.

Today marks another level up for the budding Lansing star. It's release day of his long-awaited album 'Fake Famous'. Complete with big features (Louie Ray, Peezy, music partner Stay'True Red), lots of advertising push, and of course his signature style across every song. It truly feels as if this album is set to push AON NoSleep to the next level in music.

Levels that NoSleep Milli and AON are already plotting on:

At his album release party for Fake Famous, AON NoSleep Milli dropped a big announcement: he's signed label agreements with Empire and Ghetto Boyz Ent; and taking a huge step in his career. Exciting news for the hottest artist in Michigan's capitol city. On the back of an album that has a clear path to needle pusher in Lansing.

So, what are some of the best tracks to listen to off the album? All of them! But if we must highlight, "Stay Down," "Yeah Yeah," and "Bandemic" are really great records.



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