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Antidote Fest brings new life to Flints Brush Park

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Antidote Studios Nagee Gant and Jujuan Thorn speaks passionately about the event and much more in the video above.

FLINT- The music scene of the 810 was in full effect this past weekend, thanks to the hands of Flint’s Antidote Studio. Antidote Studio hosted its first event for the community, in the form of a STACKED music showcasing. The ‘Antidote Fest’ consisted of local Michigan artists, representing various music genres, turning Brush Park into one of the best vibes of the summer.

Rapper, Shorti, performs live at Antidote Fest.

“This’ll be the one that puts us on the map,” said Nygee Gant, leading engineer for the studio, as he spoke with Next Up Gee about the excitement around the inaugural event. Many of the performers were excited about the opportunity to perform in-front of their fans and community supporters, but more thrilled about the chance to be apart of the Antidote Fest’s first line up of performers. With no shortage of buzzing artist, Velly Beretta, Jeff Skigh, SIXONESIXX, Rashaad Reed, Jada Ali, and King Ca$hes were some of the performers anchoring the event. While the entertainment was brewing, vendors such as Fruits of Elegance catered to the crowd of epicures, and Solidified clothing offered one of the most consistent local brands to fashion enthusiasts.



     The Antidote Studio is a state of the art, non-profit recording studio. Maryam Rasool, founder of Antidote Studio, emphasizes the importance of “cultivating a cure” for the community. While the studio offers recording and producing sessions, it also aims to teach and serve the coming generations. Antidote Studio is located on 4119 Saginaw St, Flint MI, operating Monday-Saturday.



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