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The site states it's where future billionaires go to be inspired, and I believe them.

I was chopping it up with a friend recently, and we were discussing everything money. Working to be rich, the current state of being broke, what money can do, we were discussing it all. In the middle of the conversation he asked me if I knew about He said the site was about getting rich and a few other things I didn't pay attention to.

A site about getting rich?

Other than Forbes, I didn't have a site that would inspire me the inner money-hungry Sid. I love the Forbes site and I check it regularly to feed my drive to attain wealth. A drive anyone should have. So hearing about Alux was perfect, I had awaited another place to do what Forbes did for me.

Alux is more than a website. It is a community of like-minded people who are all motivated to learn and grow in money. It's full of videos and readable content that help you learn about money, wealth, luxury, net worth, basically anything that will inspire you to check up, and rank up, your finances.

Check it out -



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