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5 Business Ideas Gaining Popularity In Lansing

The 517 is quickly becoming a city of entrepreneurs, and different small-time businesses are starting to create buzz around the city. Here are 5 popular business ideas, with a mix of originals and newcomers, gaining traction in the city:

Clothing Brands

Having a clothing and accessory line in Lansing isn't new. It's been done by individuals and some even rose to some status. The times are different though, and the city has a bonified clothing lane. Since 2015 things have picked up and there are well over 15+ popular brands now; headlined by young business owners. Earlier brands like FouMonky by Beany Lizaire, Styles By Myles by Myles Johnson, and Unnxccepted by Dre Pruitt have been making way for quite awhile, and newcomers like New Wave, Inc. by the Dukes family, have come on strong and with a great following. Peep the following list of popular clothing lines and accessory brands from cap city:



Fishcscale Clothing

Money Addict Clothing

Higher Standards

New Wave, Inc.

Pretty Bling Accessories

Slay'd It Boutique


Clientele International, LLC

Online Re-selling

While not as popular as clothing brands, online re-selling is a fast and easy way to make money; and Lansing has caught on. It's nothing more than purchasing items at one price, and re-selling it through social media (Facebook marketplace) or through an actual re-sell site like Ebay, Letgo, or Mercari. It's more to it, like buying in-demand items, finding great deals, and navigating shipping - but there is real money in it for the dedicated individual.


Mad popular in Lansing right now is cooking and selling plates of delicious food. Well delicious most times. Whether it be a home kitchen, professional kitchen or food truck, small-time joints (anything other than a certified restaurant) are popular and feeding the city. Micky's Food is the top of the chain, and as YBM ReadyRoc once rapped "Want some lamb chops in Lansing gotta go to Micky's." and many others echo him. But there are other people and places serving fire food right out of Lansing. Fat Katz Krazy Food (Tevin Crawford), Ish's Kitchen (none other than Jamar Dukes), and Berdie's Berries Amore all highlight the bubbling scene.

Dog Breeding

This isn't 2007 when dog breeding was associated with dog fighting. There is, and as always been, legitimate money and love in breeding 'man's best friend'. Lansing is hot for it right now and you can easily find a kennel to see the process in professional action. The task comes with hard work and the need to love the creatures you breed. And OTF on the business front, there are zero's to be made. An excellent idea of the way it professionally goes can be seen at Only The Family Kennels, ran right here in the 517.


This one is for the ladies. The cosmotology scene is off the charts right now! Hair, nails, everything did! Eyebrows, lace fronts, makeup, the ladies (and fellas) of cap city have turnt the beauty scene up a few notches in the past few years and it's only getting better. Everywhere you turn there is a fly lady ready to get you together with a makeup kit, fly hairstyle, or something like it. Taliesha Brooks and Jasmine Foy are two of the flyest hairstylists, grab a makeup kit from one of the many sellers, or hit up 'See LaVee' Hair Salon and let Vee or Toya cater to your beauty needs. No matter where you go, there's quality at every stop.

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